November 27, 2011 Anthony

Clockwork City, Greyworld

Internationally renowned artists, Greyworld, have created an exciting new interactive artwork called Clockwork City for Bath. During the festival giant clockwork keys will mysteriously appear around the city centre, attached to ordinary objects found in the street such as benches and phone boxes.

When turned, the keys trigger magical lights, projected images and sounds, transforming the way you see the street and drawing your attention to elements you may not previously have noticed.

Greyworld create mesmerising public art, usually in urban spaces. Their work is about play and allowing creative expression in parts of the city that usually exclude it. Andrew Shoben, Greyworld’s founder, is a regular contributor to television, radio and print, and lectures extensively around the world. Clockwork City is created by Greyworl. They have inspired students from Bath Spa University to create three installations that are triggered by the keys.

Clockwork City sees six keys placed around the city centre, these large wind-up keys invite the public to turn them, revealing an enchanting sound or triggering an installation.

The keys are somewhere to be found around the festival zone. You must seek them and turn them. Three of the keys are musical, positioned on street furniture and they make an unusual site. The other three keys trigger installations created by Bath Spa University students inspired by Greyworld’s work, after taking part in a workshop with the founder Andrew Shoben.

Curtain of Rain, by students Anne Cunniffe, Hayley Kyte, Hollie Roberts, Vicky Clare and Camille Douch, explores different forms of water projected on to strips of fabric that flow in the wind. This installation is visual and immersive and you can walk through it.

Light Grills, by students Frances Jones and Joanne Wheeler with Dave Thorpe from Enlightened Lighting. The key makes the ground glow out of the grills that hint at the underground corridors as smoke billows out.

Phone Box, by students Pinn Bunyapana and Thomas Wells. Mysteriously, a phone box has appeared in the street, the key launches a liquid ink film transforming this everyday object into a colourful delight.

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