January 21, 2012 Anthony

Clockwork City, Curtain of Rain, Light Grills and a Phone Box.

Following on from Monday 23rd’s Trafalgar Sun installation in London, Greyworld’s Clockwork City is coming to Bath on Wednesday 25th, commissioned for Illuminate Bath 2012 festival. There will be six keys, some musical and some launching installations created by Bath Spa University students.

They key looks innocent enough in itself, crafted in metal but when positioned on street furniture it creates an unusual juxtaposition. You are encouraged to turn the key to see the result. Your mission, if you accept it, is to find them all!

If you were around in Bath Street last Friday, you might have seen some strange things happening. Directly inspired by Andrew Shoben of Greyworld, students of Bath School of Art and Design (Bath Spa University) have been creating some projects which are launched by the clockwork key turn.

Light Grills

The project featured in these images is Light Grills, devised by student Joanne Wheeler and Frances Jones, with the help and expertise of Dave Thorpe from Enlightened Lighting. The Clockwork City key turning will launch a light show under the ground, that will fill the air as well. Even with this knowledge, if you go down in Bath Street next week, you’ll be in for a big surprise!

Curtain of Rain

Ethereal, dramatic, colourful and immersive describe Curtain of Rain, created by students Hayley Kyte, Camille Douch, Vicky Clare, Hollie Roberts and Anne Cunniffe. One turn of the key and you will light up the installation of hanging fabrics blowing in the wind, with images and sounds of water. Projecting onto the layers of material the image is distorted and three dimensional. You will be able to view it up close as you walk through.

Phone Box

What? A phone box, by the Roman Baths? You’re havin’ a larf? Well stranger things have happened. Or have they? A phone box will mysteriously appear each night for the festival, and be illuminated by the liquid ink films of students Pinn Bunyapana and Tom Wells. You just need to find the key. Oh, and by the way, I made no reference to Doctor Who, at all. None whatsoever. Apart from then. But its not really a reference, it’s more an anti-reference to Doctor Who. Oh, there I go again. Doh! No, really, it’s nothing to do with Doctor Who. Just you wait and see.


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Illuminate 2015 is organised by Bath Spa University