January 24, 2012 Anthony

More artworks tested for Illuminate Bath.

Anthony Head reports on the latest preparations for Illuminate Bath.

The Christmas lights are coming down in Bath, to be replaced by the Illuminate Bath festival. For four nights this week, from Wednesday to Saturday 5 til 8pm, there’ll be an extravagant mix of projections and light installations. The weather is looking fair, but wrap up warm and bring the family.

If you were out in Bath on Monday night then you will have seen more more testing of artworks for Illuminate Bath.

The Live Drawing wall on the Stall Street side of the Pump Room, part of the Roman Baths complex, will be coloured and illustrated on by professional Illustrators Simon Spilsbury and Tim Vyner as well as student illustrators over the four nights. This event is a collaboration with Poets Anna Freeman and Lucy English and Creative Writing students, who will be performing poetry live whilst their words are illustrated on Wednesday and Saturday. Check the Live Drawing page for more details of this event.

Photo by Tom Wells (the Christmas Lights came down after this photo was taken!).

Another installation is Phone Box, by BA Graphic Communication students Pinn Bunyapana and Tom Wells. This is one of the projects inspired by Greyworld’s Clockwork City, a bubbling, gurgling colourful creation that stands in strong contrast to it’s surrounding. Check it out right by the Roman Baths, its no ordinary phone box, and it certainly isn’t a TARDIS, or is it?!

I’d like to thank the technical crew for a sterling job tonight, and also to students Tom Wells, Russell Cuffe and Joe Brown, for volunteering to stay on late and help out.

Phone Box, photo by Tom Wells.




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Illuminate 2015 is organised by Bath Spa University