January 27, 2012 Anthony

Pulse explained!

Pulse has been lighting up the corner of Bath street and Stall Street for the last two nights and will do so until Saturday 28th.

A series of graphics animation and films, Pulse ignites the wall with impact and colour, created by staff and students of Graphic Communication at Bath Spa University.

So what are the sequences? Below are some brief descriptions and screen shots of these computer animated or edited pieces. When played on the wall, they merge into the building.

All images captured by Pulse organiser and contributor Rolf Pilarksy.

Derivative Sample IV by Andy Ashwin

A series of currency symbols fly out like snow. We’ll let you decide what it means.

Eyes, by Pinn Bunyapana

An observation of how people react to viewing different pictures and reacting to different tasks. Where do you look when you’re thinking? When projected onto a 50 foot wall, this is quite an unnerving sight!

Growing, by Anne Cunniffe and Hayley Kyte

This animation explores henna tattoo like designs. The sequence grows ornate and brightly coloured patterns that engulf the building facade.

Methane, by Harriet Leith

This animation is based upon building people’s awareness to a gas far more harmful than CO2 that is building in our atmosphere. These methane symbols may float peacefully across the projection, but they are harmful to our world. By 2030, Agriculture is predicted to be responsible for up to 60% of the methane released into our precious atmosphere. This animation is intended to help people realise this and to consider what else they are filling our world with, as well as their carbon footprint.

Back to Nature, by Tom Shuttleworth and Paul James

Plays with the scale of the building and urban decay. By using analogue techniques and stop-frame animation they’ve explored what happens to buildings that are forgotten.

Lumiere Leak by Rolf Pilarsky

This clip encodes mobility patterns in Bath. The rhythm of a departing high speed train is sampled and visualised as a data stream.


Building Blocks, by Anthony Head

Using films taken in Bath, the projection wall is chopped up into its component parts. As the film clips blur and sharpen, a simple rhythm builds up a more compex picture.

City Samples, by Scott Parking, Rupert Dunk and Jonny Esgate

Set to the sounds recorded in the streets of Bath and composed into a rhythmic sequence, the windows of the building are lit up with bold colours, forming binary like patterns with increasing frantic behaviour.


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Illuminate 2015 is organised by Bath Spa University