January 19, 2012 Anthony

Testing artworks last Monday.

If you were walking near Bath Abbey last Monday evening, you might have noticed a bit of testing going on. On the cold evening air we set up two of the projects, Attracted to Light above the Tourist Information Office and Frequency in the Roman Baths. Have a look at the sneakily taken preview shots below.

Frequency takes advantage of the mist rising from Great Bath, which is filled with warm water from the natural thermal springs that are synonymous with the city. The artists, Lumen, OCD, Will Kendrick and Alex Cotterell have been devising a visual experience that plays with the dimensionality of the Baths. Exploring projection and light volumetrically as well as in two dimensions, they will be showing a time based piece exploring the abstraction of water and mist, enhanced by panoramic sound.

Frequency will be viewable on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th, with free entry to the balcony area of the Baths, from the Kingston Parade door. 5-8pm.

Attracted to Light is a silent projection. A multitude of moths will fly around the building, searching, being drawn to the figures that silhouette against the lit up windows. When the lights turn off, the moths disperse, seeking other lights that they are attracted to. This is not a film, as such, but an active experience that never repeats as the moths move in natural and unpredictable ways.

Attracted to Light is viewable on all four nights of the festival, 5-8pm.


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