January 18, 2012 Sam

Volunteer get-together

Is it a choir? Is it the Great Britain lacrosse team? Is it a random collection of miscreants we’ve pulled in off the street? No, what you see in this picture is a selection of the hard working volunteers who are going to make Illuminate Bath 2012 a massive success. We all met in the function room of the Assembly Inn to discuss the festival and get to know one another a little better. They’re a lively bunch, and I’m sure they’re going to do a fantastic job as the public face of the festival.

The volunteers will be acting as stewards to guide the public around the festival, and to explain the artworks and the Cultural Olympiad project. They will also be carrying out audience research to find out what people like about the festival. It’s a challenging and very necessary job; without the help of volunteers, the festival couldn’t happen. In return for all their hard work they’ll have the opportunity to be involved with a major arts festival, they’ll be gaining experience in arts management, and they’ll get to meet the artists. They also get cool t-shirts. What a handsome, upstanding bunch of people.

Illuminate 2015 is organised by Bath Spa University