Frequency film by Raspberry & Jam

Raspberry & Jam have made this fantastic film of Frequency by Alex Cotterell, Will Kendrick, Tom Newell (Lumen) & Ollie Davies (OCD). Frequency transformed the Roman Baths into a colour-filled oasis during Illuminate Bath 2012. Over 3,000 people viewed the piece over 2 nights and images have been shared and enjoyed all around the world.


Frequency at the Roman Baths film

Frequency created by Alex Cotterell, Will Kendrick, Lumen and OCD, transformed the Roman Baths during Illuminate Bath 2012.  Thanks to Artswork Media for making this film so that many more people can enjoy it.

Frequency, Alex Cotterell, Will Kendrick, Lumen and OCD

Alex Cotterell, Will Kendrick, Lumen and OCD have created a new light installation that will transform Bath’s most famous landmark, the Roman Baths, for two nights into a colour-filled oasis. As the steam rises from the Great Bath into the cold January air, this promises to be a truly enchanting spectacle. The balcony area of the baths will open for audiences to view the projected experience for free on Thurs 26 and Fri 27 January 2012.

Born out of a mutual love of colour and light, the project builds on Light/Space Collaborative by Alex Cotterell and Will Kendrick, which was exhibited during Illuminate Bath 2010 and previous work by Tom Newell (Lumen), a DJ/Audio-visual performer and collaborator Ollie Davies (OCD).  Image: Edward Lockyer.


Illuminate 2015 is organised by Bath Spa University